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A paradigmatic analysis of contemporary schools of IS development
This paper presents the results of the fundamental assumptions of seven major schools...
Manpower modelling using a spreadsheet
This paper describes how a spreadsheet system was used to build a simple manpower...
The growth of information systems technology in the public sector of developing nations
Information systems technology in the public sectors of developing nations is in the...
A review of object orientation and knowledge processing in office models
The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the alternative modelling...
A strategy for determining the optimal domain for knowledge based decision support systems
The objective of a knowledge based decision support system (KBDSS) is to enhance the...
SPARTA II: Further development in an expert system for advising on stocks of spare parts
This paper is part of a continuous story of SPARTA-an expert system for advising on...
Enhancing point-of-sale productivity and satisfaction in retail stores
Home remodelling and improvement is a large and growing North American market,...
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