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An intelligent dynamic simulation model for designing software development processes
This paper describes a computer-aided software development process design. This is a...
A virtual token protocol for bus networks: Correctness and performance
The authors propose a MAC-level protocol with bounded packet delay time for...
Stochastic design optimization of asynchronous flexible assembly systems
This paper presents the application of the stochastic quasigradient method (SQG) of...
Integrated production scheduling in large-scale flexible electronic parts manufacturing
This study reports the development of a production scheduling system for the...
Assessment of manufacturing system reliability: A case study
Reduction of unproductive work-in-process (WIP) inventory has been a subject of global...
Machine interference in automated cells
This paper presents a simulation and an analytical modeling of the machine...
Warehouse capacity in a stochastic environment
In this study the authors examine the elements that affect the required capacity of a...
A discrete-event simulation of the McDonnel Douglas health information systems on-line executive
A simulation model of a real-time transaction process in a health information system...
Simulation of commercial flights
A model is set up to simulate commercial flights in 4-D-mode. Basic data are standard...
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