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Aerothermoelastic topology optimization with flutter and buckling metrics
This work develops a framework for SIMP‐based topology optimization of a...
An algorithm for computing the eigenvalues of block companion matrices
In this paper we propose a method for computing the roots of a monic matrix...
Strategies for spectrum slicing based on restarted Lanczos methods
In the context of symmetric‐definite generalized eigenvalue problems, it is...
A polynomial case of the cardinality‐constrained quadratic optimization problem
We propose in this paper a fixed parameter polynomial algorithm for the...
Minimization of Eigenvalues of One‐Dimensional p‐Laplacian with Integrable Potentials
In this paper, we will use the variational method and limiting approach to solve the...
A Hoffman–Wielandt‐type residual bound for generalized eigenvalues of a definite pair
Let { A , B } be a definite matrix pair of order n , and let the columns of X ˜...
Qualitative Properties of Eigenvectors Related to Multivalued Operators and some Existence Results
In this work, we study a class of nonlinear eigenvalue problems related to fully...
The mathematics of eigenvalue optimization
Optimization problems involving the eigenvalues of symmetric and nonsymmetric matrices...
A second-order bundle method to minimize the maximum eigenvalue function
In this paper we present a nonsmooth algorithm to minimize the maximum eigenvalue of...
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