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The effect of digital sharing technologies on music markets: a survival analysis of albums on ranking charts
Recent technological and market forces have profoundly impacted the music industry....
Whatever happened to payola? An empirical analysis of online music sharing
The popularity of online music-sharing networks has attracted interest from the music...
Decision making under time pressure with different information sources and performance-based financial incentives: part 3
In prior reports, we describe the design and implementation of a software platform and...
Heuristics for selecting robust database structures with dynamic query patterns
The success of a company increasingly depends on timely information (internal or...
Database design in the modern organization – identifying robust structures under changing query patterns and arrival rate conditions
We summarize the problem tackled here in the following way: Given a modern database...
An investigation of changes in attitude over time of group decision support system groups under unanimity and majority decision rules
Under controlled laboratory conditions, we examine the effects of variations in...
The use of information system technology to develop tests on insider trading and asymmetric information
Issues related to insider trading remain popular research topics. Empirical studies...
Asymmetric information: A laboratory experimental analysis
Modern information systems technology, including expanded availability of local area...
Number of bids, number of bidders and bidding behavior in outer-continental shelf oil lease auction markets
Theoretical models of auction bidding markets typically treat number of bods and...
A strategy for determining the optimal domain for knowledge based decision support systems
The objective of a knowledge based decision support system (KBDSS) is to enhance the...
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