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A stochastic production planning problem in hybrid manufacturing and remanufacturing systems with resource capacity planning
Hybrid manufacturing and remanufacturing systems have become a topic of considerable...
Real options approach to explore the effect of organizational change on IoT development project
The emerging information technology of internet of things (IoT) has caught much...
Stochastic subgradient descent method for large-scale robust chance-constrained support vector machines
Robust chance‐constrained Support Vector Machines (SVM) with...
A study on decision making of cutting stock with frustum of cone bars
This paper considers the cutting stock problem with frustum of cone bars. A multiple...
Solving maximum clique in sparse graphs: an O(nm+n2d/4) algorithm for d
-degenerate graphs
We describe an algorithm for the maximum clique problem that is parameterized by the...
Iterative roots of multidimensional operators and applications to dynamical systems
Solutions φ ( x ) of the functional equation φ ( φ ( x )) = f ( x ) are...
Maximum lifetime connected coverage with two active‐phase sensors
A sensor with two active phrases means that active mode has two phases, the...
Simple measure of similarity for the market graph construction
A simple measure of similarity for the construction of the market graph is proposed....
Computational risk management techniques for fixed charge network flow problems with uncertain arc failures
We consider a formulation for the fixed charge network flow (FCNF) problem subject to...
A Mesh Adaptive Basin Hopping Method for the Design of Circular Antenna Arrays
The design of circular antenna arrays is a challenging optimization problem, which...
Pareto set approximation by the method of adjustable weights and successive lexicographic goal programming
A nonlinear multiobjective optimization problem is considered. Two methods are...
On the complexity of path problems in properly colored directed graphs
We address the complexity class of several problems related to finding a path in a...
Parallel hybrid heuristics for the permutation flow shop problem
This paper addresses the Permutation Flowshop Problem with minimization of makespan,...
Multi‐way clustering and biclustering by the Ratio cut and Normalized cut in graphs
In this paper, we consider the multi‐way clustering problem based on graph...
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