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Rami Atar

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Optimality of the generalized cµ rule in the moderate deviation regime
This paper studies a multiclass queueing system with an associated...
An ϵ-Nash Equilibrium with High Probability for Strategic Customers in Heavy Traffic
A multiclass queue with many servers is considered, where customers make a...
A Differential Game for a Multiclass Queueing Model in the Moderate-Deviation Heavy-Traffic Regime
We study a differential game that governs the moderate‐deviation...
Asymptotically optimal interruptible service policies for scheduling jobs in a diffusion regime with nondegenerate slowdown
A parallel server system is considered, with I customer classes and many servers,...
A blind policy for equalizing cumulative idleness
We consider a system with a single queue and multiple server pools of heterogeneous...
On the asymptotic optimality of the cμ/θ rule under ergodic cost
We consider an overloaded multi‐server multi‐class queueing model where...
The cμ/θ Rule for Many-Server Queues with Abandonment
We consider a multiclass queueing system with multiple homogeneous servers and...
Efficient Routing in Heavy Traffic Under Partial Sampling of Service Times
We consider a queue with renewal arrivals and n exponential servers in the...
An escape-time criterion for queueing networks: Asymptotic risk-sensitive control via differential games
We consider the problem of risk-sensitive control of a stochastic network. In...
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