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Deniz Aksen

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A bilevel partial interdiction problem with capacitated facilities and demand outsourcing
In this paper, partial facility interdiction decisions are integrated for the first...
A bilevel fixed charge location model for facilities under imminent attack
We investigate a bilevel fixed charge facility location problem for a system planner...
Selective multi‐depot vehicle routing problem with pricing
Firms in the durable goods industry occasionally launch trade‐in or buyback...
The budget constrained r-interdiction median problem with capacity expansion
In this article, we elaborate on a budget constrained extension of the r -interdiction...
Locating collection centers for distance- and incentive-dependent returns
We address the problem of locating collection centers of a company that aims to...
Loss of customer goodwill in the uncapacitated lot-sizing problem
Loss of customer goodwill in uncapacitated single level lot-sizing is studied with a...
The single-item lot-sizing problem with immediate lost sales
We introduce a profit maximization version of the well-known Wagner–Whitin model...
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