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Tao Jiang

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Analysis of a GI/M/1 queue in a multi-phase service environment          with disasters
In this paper, we study a single server GI/M/1 queue in a multi‐phase service...
An Efficient Algorithm for Haplotype Inference on Pedigrees with a Small Number of Recombinants
Combinatorial (or rule‐based) methods for inferring haplotypes from genotypes...
Tight bounds on the competitive ratio on accommodating sequences for the seat reservation problem
The unit price seat reservation problem is investigated. The seat reservation problem...
Local tail asymptotic relations for the stationary waiting time distribution of GI/G/1/∞ queueing system
The tail behavior of the stationary waiting time distribution W(t) of the...
An approximation scheme for some Steiner tree problems in the plane
We design a polynomial-time approximation scheme for the Steiner tree problem in the...
Optimal structural topology design using the homogenization method with multiple constraints
In applications of the homogenization method for optimal structural topology design...
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