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An LMI approach to D-stability and D-stabilization of linear discrete singular systems with state delay
The problems of D ‐stability and D ‐stabilization for linear discrete...
The effect of non‐linear delay costs on workforce mix
This paper formulates a simple model to examine the appropriate mix of dedicated and...
Competing or coordinating: IT R&D investment decision making subject to information time lag
In this paper, we apply a dynamic option‐game framework to examine the impact...
Ergodicity of forward times of the renewal process in a block‐based inspection model using the delay time concept
The delay time concept and the techniques developed for modelling and optimising plant...
Time–dependent Simple Temporal Networks: Properties and Algorithms
Simple Temporal Networks (STN) allow conjunctions of minimum and maximum distance...
Impulsive stabilization of stochastic differential equations with time delays
In this paper, the impulsive stabilization of stochastic differential equations with...
Delay analysis of a discrete‐time multiclass slot‐bound priority system
This paper introduces a new priority mechanism in discrete‐time queueing...
Extensions to online delay management on a single train line: new bounds for delay minimization and profit maximization
We present extensions to the Online Delay Management Problem on a Single Train Line....
A recent mathematical development in maintenance theory
This paper introduces the mathematics of delay-time analysis and places it in context....
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