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An integrated berth allocation and yard assignment problem for bulk ports: Formulation and case study
The impact of globalization on maritime transportation has led to its enormous growth...
Integrating disassembly line balancing in the planning of a reverse logistics network from the perspective of a third party provider
The increasing pressure due to legislation and various public policies has prompted...
Improved efficiency measures through directional distance formulation of data envelopment analysis
This paper develops a model for an improved efficiency measure through directional...
An integrated supply chain problem: a nested lagrangian relaxation approach
The integration of tactical‐level with strategic‐level decisions in the...
Hybrid algorithm for a vendor managed inventory system in a two-echelon supply chain
In this paper we address the issue of vendor managed inventory (VMI) by considering a...
A Lagrangian relaxation approach to simultaneous strategic and tactical planning in supply chain design
We study a multi‐echelon joint inventory‐location model that...
Contract analysis: A performance measures and profit evaluation within two‐echelon supply chains
Coordination is regarded as key in managing dependencies between distinctive members...
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