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Kwangtae Park

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Effects of experience and contract on relational norms and performance in SCM
We examine how experience and contract affect firm performance and relational norms in...
Consumers' preferences for facets of green supply chain management
This study explores the relationships between facets of a firm's green supply chain...
A Concept Generation Support System for Product‐Service
                    System Development
A product‐service system (PSS) is a novel type of business model that...
Optimization of service value
Service organizations try to put more emphasis on strengthening its core competence...
Extended methods for identifying dominance and potential optimality in multi-criteria analysis with imprecise information
Many of the recent prescriptive approaches to multi-attribute decision analysis have...
A stochastic linear programming model for a multi-stage production system with random yields
In this paper, we propose a stochastic LP model for determining an optimal input...
A model for determining optimal quantity in a semiconductor production line considering yield randomness and demand uncertainty
In this paper, the authors have developed a model to determine the input quantity to...
Input quantity control in a multi-stage production system with yield randomness, rework and demand uncertainty
In this paper, the authors investigate the effects of yield randomness for lot-sizing...
An improvement to the dynamic cycle lengths heuristic for scheduling the multi-item, single-machine
A heuristic scheduling policy for multi-item, single-machine scheduling system facing...
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