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Task Interdependence Impacts on Reciprocity in IT Implementation Teams: Bringing Out the Worst in Us, or Driving Responsibility?
Task interdependence has received a great deal of attention as a critical driver of...
The Roles of Supply Chain Intelligence and Adaptability in New Product Launch Success
Many new product introductions continue to be unsuccessful, and while researchers have...
Service-Learning in Supply Chain Management: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices
Service‐learning (SL) is a pedagogical approach in which students are assigned...
The role of environmental management in sustainable business development: A multi-country investigation
This paper investigates the influence of sustainable business development on...
Supply chain risk management in financial crises–A multiple case‐study approach
Supply Chain Risk Management has become a key concern for organizations, which is even...
Revisiting the arcs of integration: Cross‐validations and
This paper revisits Frohlich and Westbrook's (2001) arcs of integration concept [Arcs...
Competitive Capabilities among Manufacturing Plants in Developing, Emerging, and Industrialized Countries: A Comparative Analysis
Competitive capabilities have been defined as a plant's actual performance relative to...
An Exploratory Study of Procurement Strategies for Multi-Item RFQs in B2B Markets: Antecedents and Impact on Performance
This research explores procurement strategies for multi-item requests for quotation...
An implementation decision framework for Supply Chain Management: a case study
This paper is an extension and further validation of Tummala and Schoenherr...
An example and a proposal concerning the correlation of worker processing times in parallel tasks
Models and understanding of line design depend on accurate assessments of the effects...
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