Makino Kazuhisa

Kazuhisa Makino

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Parameterized Complexity of Sparse Linear Complementarity Problems
In this paper, we study the parameterized complexity of the linear complementarity...
On Canonical Forms for Zero‐Sum Stochastic Mean Payoff Games
We consider two‐person zero‐sum mean payoff undiscounted stochastic...
Caching Is Hard–Even in the Fault Model
We prove strong ℕℙ ‐completeness for the four variants of caching...
On the readability of monotone Boolean formulae
Golumbic et al. (2006) defined the readability of a monotone Boolean function f to be...
Logical analysis of data: classification with justification
Learning from examples is a frequently arising challenge, with a large number of...
Enumerating spanning and connected subsets in graphs and matroids
We show that enumerating all minimal spanning and connected subsets of a given matroid...
A tree partitioning problem arising from an evacuation problem in tree dynamic networks
In this paper, we present a first polynomial time algorithm for the monotone...
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