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Analysis of Jackson networks with infinite supply and unreliable nodes
Jackson networks are versatile models for analyzing complex networks. In this paper we...
Optimal balanced control for call centers
In this paper we study the optimal assignment of tasks to agents in a call center. For...
An approximation approach for the deviation matrix of continuous-time Markov processes with application to Markov decision theory
We present an update formula that allows the expression of the deviation matrix of a...
Gradient estimation for multicomponent maintenance systems with age-replacement policy
We consider multicomponent maintenance systems with an F -failure group...
Series expansions for continuous-time Markov processes
We present update formulas that allow us to express the stationary distribution of a...
Weak differentiability of product measures
In this paper, we study cost functions over a finite collection of random variables....
Strong bounds on perturbations
This paper provides strong bounds on perturbations over a collection of independent...
Measure-valued differentiation for stationary Markov chains
We study general state–space Markov chains that depend on a parameter, say,...
A characterisation of (max,+)-linear queueing systems
The (max,+)-algebra has been successfully applied to many areas of queueing...
Optimisation of a single-component maintenance system: A smoothed perturbation analysis approach
In this paper we show how the technique of smoothed perturbation analysis can be...
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