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The Secretary Problem with a Selection Committee: Do Conformist Committees Hire Better Secretaries?
This paper analyzes a variation of the secretary problem in which two selectors with...
Search games on a network with travelling and search costs
The authors analyse two‐person zero‐sum search games in which play takes...
Searching symmetric networks with Utilitarian-Postman paths
We introduce the notion of a Utilitarian Postman (UP) path on a network Q as one which...
A common notion of clockwise can help in planar rendezvous
Two players are lost in a grid of city streets and wish to meet as soon as possible....
Rendezvous on a planar lattice
We analyze the optimal behavior of two players who are lost on a planar surface and...
An ambush game with an unknown number of infiltrators
We consider problems in which a defender is attempting to protect a channel from...
Rendezvous search when marks are left at the starting points
Leaving marks at the starting points in a rendezvous search problem may provide the...
Two rendezvous search problems on the line
A new upper bound is obtained for the two-person symmetric rendezvous value on the...
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