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S. Rajagopalan

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Make to order or make to stock: Model and application
Some firms make all their products to order while others make them to stock. There are...
Capacity planning with congestion effects
Important operational performance measures for a successful firm include not only...
Have US manufacturing inventories really decreased? An empirical study
Numerous normative models have been developed to determine optimal inventory levels,...
Capacity expansion and equipment replacement: A unified approach
Business frequently have to decide which of their existing equipment to replace,...
Process improvement, quality, and learning effects
While quality has attracted significant attention in the past two decades, the debate...
A learning curve model with knowledge depreciation
Empirical studies in several industries have verified that unit costs decline as...
Capacity expansion with alternative technology choices
This paper considers the problem of determining the amount of capacity of a technology...
Two commodity flows
The paper considers biflows in an undirected graph. An existing result gives a...
Capacity acquisition and disposal with discrete facility sizes
The authors consider some key features of capacity acquisition, disposal, and...
Retail stocking decisions with order and stock sales
Key factors for success in competitive markets are to be able to offer the customer...
A production planning and scheduling system at a chemical testing laboratory
There has been much interest recently in production scheduling models, where batching...
Flexible versus dedicated technology: A capacity expansion model
Over the past two decades, flexible manufacturing systems have been adopted in a...
Part dispatch in random yield multistage flexible test systems for printed circuit boards
This paper concerns dynamic part dispatch decisions in electronic test systems with...
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