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P2P Marketplaces and Retailing in the Presence of Consumers' Valuation Uncertainty
Can peer‐to‐peer (P2P) marketplaces benefit traditional supply chains...
Forecasting sales of new virtual goods with the Elo rating system
With the rapid growth of online games, firms increasingly sell virtual goods for use...
National and store brand advertising strategies
As the propensity of premium store brands (SBs) increases, retailers must consider...
Routing distributions and their impact on dispatch rules
Motivated by the job‐shop production process of our industry partner, we...
The U.S. Navy explores detailing cost reduction via Data Envelopment Analysis
In this paper we show how a variation of Data Envelopment Analysis, the Generalized...
Generalized symmetric weight assignment technique: Incorporating managerial preferences in data envelopment analysis using a penalty function
In this paper, we generalize the Symmetric Weight Assignment Technique to incorporate...
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