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Benny Mantin

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P2P Marketplaces and Retailing in the Presence of Consumers' Valuation Uncertainty
Can peer‐to‐peer (P2P) marketplaces benefit traditional supply chains...
Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Myopic and Strategic Consumers: Theory and Experiment
We investigate retailers’ dynamic pricing decisions in a stylized...
Forecasting sales of new virtual goods with the Elo rating system
With the rapid growth of online games, firms increasingly sell virtual goods for use...
The Strategic Role of Third-Party Marketplaces in Retailing
Retailers are increasingly adopting a dual‐format model. In addition to acting...
The Effect of Competition on R&D Portfolio Investments
Although project portfolio management has been an active research area over the past...
Airport complementarity: Private vs. government ownership and welfare gravitation
We study the effects of airport ownership (private vs. government) on welfare in the...
Dynamic pricing under first order Markovian competition
We evaluate the effect of competition on prices, profits, and consumers' surplus in...
The hidden information content of price movements
Dynamic patterns of prices in different markets may motivate (strategic) consumers,...
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