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Scheduling jobs and maintenance activities subject to job-dependent machine deteriorations
This paper considers machine scheduling that integrates machine deterioration caused...
Pricing combinatorial auctions by a set of linear price vectors
In combinatorial auctions, items are sold simultaneously. A substantial component of...
Resequencing with parallel queues to minimize the maximum number of items in the overflow area
This article treats an elementary optimization problem, where an inbound stream of...
A decomposition heuristic for the twin robots scheduling problem
This article provides an efficient heuristic based on decomposition for the twin...
The berth allocation problem with mobile quay walls: problem definition, solution procedures, and extensions
The berth allocation problem (BAP), which defines a processing interval and a berth at...
Exact algorithms for inventory constrained scheduling on a single machine
This paper focuses on single machine scheduling subject to inventory constraints. Jobs...
Truck scheduling in cross‐docking terminals with fixed outbound departures
At a cross‐docking terminal, inbound shipments are directly transshipped across...
Packing chained items in aligned bins with applications to container transshipment and project scheduling
Bin packing problems are at the core of many well‐known combinatorial...
Scheduling flexible maintenance activities subject to job‐dependent machine deterioration
This paper considers single machine scheduling that integrates machine deterioration....
Using a SAT‐solver to schedule sports leagues
Tournament schedules of sports leagues have to satisfy several types of constraints...
A Lagrangian approach for minimum cost single round robin tournaments
Single round robin tournaments are a well known class of sports leagues schedules. We...
Round robin tournaments and three index assignments
Scheduling a sports league can be seen as a difficult combinatorial optimization...
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