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An inexact sample average approximation approach for the stochastic connected facility location problem
The sample average approximation (SAA) approach is a widely used technique, based on...
Local search heuristics for the mobile facility location problem
In the mobile facility location problem (MFLP), one seeks to relocate (or move) a set...
Designing WDM Optical Networks Using Branch‐and‐Price
In this paper, we present an exact solution procedure for the design of...
The Generalized Covering Salesman Problem
Given a graph G = ( N , E ), the covering salesman problem (CSP) is to identify the...
Variable neighborhood search for the cost constrained minimum label spanning tree and label constrained minimum spanning tree problems
Given an undirected graph whose edges are labeled or colored, edge weights indicating...
Multi‐period traffic routing in satellite networks
We introduce a traffic routing problem over an extended planning horizon that appears...
The Mobile Facility Routing Problem
In many applications, ranging from cellular communications to humanitarian relief...
Branch and Price for WDM Optical Networks with No Bifurcation of Flow
The second generation of optical networks with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)...
Dual-Based Local Search for the Connected Facility Location and Related Problems
The connected facility location (ConFL) problem arises in a number of applications...
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