Tamura Akihisa

Akihisa Tamura

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A two-sided discrete-concave market with possibly bounded side payments: An approach by discrete convex analysis
The marriage model due to Gale and Shapley (1962) and the assignment model due to...
A new characterization of M#-convex set functions by substitutability
The concepts of M-convex functions and M-convex functions play central roles in the...
On Grötschel–Lovász–Shrijver's relaxation of stable set polytopes
Grötschel, Lovász and Schrijver introduced a convex set containing the...
A revision of Minty's algorithm for finding a maximum weight stable set of a claw-free graph
Minty, Sbihi, and Lovász and Plummer have proposed polynomial time algorithms...
A linear time algorithm for the generalized stable set problem on triangulated bidirected graphs
The generalized stable set problem is an extension of the maximum weight stable set...
The generalized stable set problem for perfect bidirected graphs
Bidirected graphs are a generalization of undirected graphs. For bidirected graphs, we...
Ideal polytopes and face structures of some combinatorial optimization problems
Given a finite set X and a family of ‘feasible’ subsets ℱ of X, the...
Efficiently scanning all spanning trees of an undirected graph
Let G be an undirected graph with V vertices and E edges. The authors consider the...
An efficient algorithm for finding the minimum norm point in the convex hull of a finite point set in the plane
The minimum norm point problem is to find the minimum norm point in the convex hull of...
Adjacency of the best and second best valued solutions in combinatorial optimization problems
The authors say that a polytope satisfies the strong adjacency property if every best...
Bounding the number of k-faces in arrangement of hyperplanes
The authors study certain structural problems of arrangements of hyperplanes in d...
Combinatorial face enumeration in arrangements and oriented matroids
Let denote the number of k- dimensional faces of a d -dimensional arrangement of...
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