Reiman Martin I

Martin I Reiman

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Assemble-to-Order Inventory Management via Stochastic Programming: Chained BOMs and the M-System
We study an inventory management mechanism that uses two stochastic programs (SPs),...
Asymptotically Optimal Inventory Control for Assemble-to-Order Systems with Identical Lead Times
Optimizing multiproduct assemble‐to‐order (ATO) inventory systems is a...
A stochastic program based lower bound for assemble‐to‐order inventory systems
In this paper we introduce a multi‐stage stochastic program that provides a...
On the core of cooperative queueing games
We define some cooperative games in queueing systems as ‘single‐attribute...
A stochastic programming based inventory policy for assemble-to-order systems with application to the W Model
We consider assemble-to-order inventory systems with identical component lead times....
An Asymptotically Optimal Policy for a Quantity-Based Network Revenue Management Problem
We consider a canonical revenue management problem in a network setting where the goal...
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