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A Continuum Approximation Approach to the Dynamic Facility Location Problem in a Growing Market
This paper proposes a continuum approximation (CA) model to solve the dynamic facility...
A Hybrid Model Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis and Support Vector Machines Regression for Failure Time Series Prediction
Effectively forecasting the failure data in the maintenance stage is essential in many...
Newsvendor Mergers
This paper studies a merger between price‐setting newsvendors in an...
Identifying Employee Turnover Risks Using Modified Quality Function Deployment
Employee turnover is costly in terms of direct costs and indirect costs faced by...
An analysis on the short-term sectoral competitiveness impact of carbon tax in China
• We study short‐term sectoral competitiveness impact of carbon tax in...
On China's energy intensity statistics: Toward a comprehensive and transparent indicator
A transparent and comprehensive statistical system in China would provide an important...
Knowledge management component in managing human resources for enterprises
Both human resources and knowledge are valuable assets for enterprises; therefore,...
Constructing a decision support system for management of employee turnover risk
In the time of knowledge economy, competency among enterprises is focused on the...
Energy and climate policy in China's twelfth five‐year plan: A paradigm shift
The twelfth five‐year plan (FYP) endorsed by the People's National Congress in...
Prediction and field validation of traffic oscillation propagation under nonlinear car‐following laws
A recent study () proposed a describing‐function approach (DFA) to analytically...
Bidders' Experience and Learning in Online Auctions: Issues and Implications
This study explores the implications of rejecting the sealed-bid abstraction proposed...
Knowledge portal construction and resources integration for a large scale hydropower dam
Based on the research project entitled ‘Data Collection and Decision Support...
Combining Vehicle Routing with Forwarding : Extension of the Vehicle Routing Problem by Different Types of Sub-contraction
The efficiency of transportation requests fulfillment can be increased through...
New gradient method for the capacitated network flow model
The capacitated network flow model is formulated in general nonlinear optimization...
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