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A Nonparametric Joint Assortment and Price Choice Model
The selection of products and prices offered by a firm significantly impacts its...
The d-Level Nested Logit Model: Assortment and Price Optimization Problems
We consider assortment and price optimization problems under the d ‐level...
Balancing Revenues and Repair Costs under Partial Information about Product Reliability
We consider the problem faced by a company selling a product with warranty and under...
Assortment Optimization under the Multinomial Logit Model with Random Choice Parameters
We consider assortment optimization problems under the multinomial logit model, where...
Dynamic Assortment Optimization with a Multinomial Logit Choice Model and Capacity Constraint
We consider an assortment optimization problem where a retailer chooses an assortment...
Linearly parameterized bandits
We consider bandit problems involving a large (possibly infinite) collection of arms,...
A PTAS for capacitated sum-of-ratios optimization
Motivated by an application in assortment planning under the nested logit choice...
An adaptive algorithm for finding the optimal base-stock policy in lost sales inventory systems with censored demand
We consider a periodic-review, single-location, single-product inventory system with...
Opportunities and challenges in using online preference data for vehicle pricing: A case study at General Motors
Developed by General Motors (GM), the Auto Choice Advisor web site...
A nonparametric approach to multiproduct pricing
Developed by General Motors (GM), the Auto Choice Advisor website recommends vehicles...
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