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Qiong Wang

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Assemble-to-Order Inventory Management via Stochastic Programming: Chained BOMs and the M-System
We study an inventory management mechanism that uses two stochastic programs (SPs),...
Asymptotically Optimal Inventory Control for Assemble-to-Order Systems with Identical Lead Times
Optimizing multiproduct assemble‐to‐order (ATO) inventory systems is a...
Implications of Hyperbolic Discounting for Optimal Pricing and Scheduling of Unpleasant Services That Generate Future Benefits
People tend to lack the self‐control to undergo an unpleasant service that...
A stochastic program based lower bound for assemble‐to‐order inventory systems
In this paper we introduce a multi‐stage stochastic program that provides a...
On the core of cooperative queueing games
We define some cooperative games in queueing systems as ‘single‐attribute...
The Seeds of Dissolution: Discrepancy and Incoherence in Buyer–Supplier Exchange
In this research, we examine a novel mechanism of interorganizational relationship...
A stochastic programming based inventory policy for assemble-to-order systems with application to the W Model
We consider assemble-to-order inventory systems with identical component lead times....
An Asymptotically Optimal Policy for a Quantity-Based Network Revenue Management Problem
We consider a canonical revenue management problem in a network setting where the goal...
Optimizing vendor selection in a two-stage outsourcing process
The decision processes surrounding outsourcing are complicated by the very nature of...
Combined network design and multiperiod pricing: modeling, solution techniques, and computation
In this paper we describe an efficient algorithm for solving novel optimization models...
Optimal investment strategies for flexible resources, considering pricing and correlated demands
We study the optimal resource investment decision faced by a two-product,...
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