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Yanfeng Ouyang

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A Continuum Approximation Approach to the Dynamic Facility Location Problem in a Growing Market
This paper proposes a continuum approximation (CA) model to solve the dynamic facility...
Integrated Planning for Multiple Types of Locomotive Work Facilities Under Location, Routing, and Inventory Considerations
In North America, thousands of locomotives operating in the railroad network require...
Reliable Location-Routing Design Under Probabilistic Facility Disruptions
This study considers an integer programming formulation of a reliable location routing...
Track maintenance production team scheduling in railroad networks
US railroad companies spend billions of dollars every year on track maintenance in...
Prediction and field validation of traffic oscillation propagation under nonlinear car‐following laws
A recent study () proposed a describing‐function approach (DFA) to analytically...
Joint optimization of pavement maintenance and resurfacing planning
This paper presents an analytical approach for joint planning of pavement maintenance...
A structured flexible transit system for low demand areas
Public transit structure is traditionally designed to contain fixed bus routes and...
Joint inventory‐location problem under the risk of probabilistic facility disruptions
This paper studies a reliable joint inventory‐location problem that optimizes...
Reliable sensor deployment for network traffic surveillance
New sensor technologies enable synthesis of disaggregated vehicle information from...
Biofuel refinery location and supply chain planning under traffic congestion
This research focuses on planning biofuel refinery locations where the total system...
Reliable facility location design under the risk of disruptions
Reliable facility location models consider unexpected failures with site-dependent...
Characterization of the bullwhip effect in linear, time-invariant supply chains: some formulae and tests
The authors analyze the bullwhip effect in multistage, decentralized supply chains...
Discretization and validation of the continuum approximation scheme for terminal system design
This paper proposes an algorithm that automatically translates the ‘continuum...
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