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New results on semidefinite bounds for l1‐constrained nonconvex quadratic optimization
In this paper, we show that the direct semidefinite programming (SDP) bound for the...
Tightening a copositive relaxation for standard quadratic optimization problems
We focus in this paper the problem of improving the semidefinite programming (SDP)...
Duality and solutions for quadratic programming over single non‐homogeneous quadratic constraint
This paper extends and completes the discussion by Xing et al. (Canonical dual...
Improved estimation of duality gap in binary quadratic programming using a weighted distance measure
We present in this paper an improved estimation of duality gap between binary...
Duality Gap Estimation of Linear Equality Constrained Binary Quadratic Programming
We investigate in this paper the Lagrangian duality properties of linear equality...
Convex hull presentation of a quadratically constrained set and its application in solving quadratic programming problems
In this article, we study the convex hull presentation of a quadratically constrained...
An efficient continuation method for quadratic assignment problems
In this article, we propose a Lagrangian smoothing algorithm for quadratic assignment...
New optimality conditions for quadratic optimization problems with binary constraints
In this article, we obtain new sufficient optimality conditions for the nonconvex...
A new linearization method for quadratic assignment problems
The quadratic assignment problem (QAP) is one of the great challenges in combinatorial...
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