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E. Powell Robinson

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Master production schedule time interval strategies in make-to-order supply chains
While the literature primarily addresses MPS design from the manufacturer's...
Complexity factors and intuition-based methods for facility network design
Logistics managers frequently utilize decision support systems (DSS) to make facility...
Information sharing and coordination in make-to-order supply chains
This research, based on our observations of an industrial vendor–manufacturer...
The impact of e-replenishment strategy on make-to-order supply chain performance
This research investigates the impact of electronic replenishment strategy on the...
Flow coordination and information sharing in supply chains: Review, implications, and directions for future research
Advances in information technology, particularly in the e-business arena, are enabling...
Economic production lot sizing with periodic costs and overtime
Traditional approaches for modeling economic production lot-sizing problems assume...
A dual ascent procedure for multiproduct dynamic demand coordinated replenishment with backlogging
This paper describes a mixed-integer programming formulation and dual ascent based...
A comparative model of facility network design methodologies
Operations managers use a variety of decision making tools when designing facility...
Reason based solutions and the complexity of distribution network design problems
Distribution network strategy, which defines the number, location, and market area of...
Uncapacitated facility location: General solution procedure and computational experience
This paper presents a general model and dual-based branch-and-bound solution procedure...
Designing an integrated distribution system at DowBrands, Inc
Merging two independent distribution systems into an integrated whole poses...
Customer service: Implications for distribution system design
The interaction between customer service policy, as defined by the in-transit delivery...
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