Clautiaux Franois

Franois Clautiaux

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Constraint Aggregation in Column Generation Models for Resource-Constrained Covering Problems
We propose an aggregation method to reduce the size of column generation (CG) models...
Multidimensional dual-feasible functions and fast lower bounds for the vector packing problem
In this paper, we address the 2‐dimensional vector packing problem where an...
A New Graph‐Theoretical Model for the Guillotine‐Cutting Problem
We consider the problem of determining whether a given set of rectangular items can be...
The min‐conflict packing problem
In the classical bin‐packing problem with conflicts (BPC), the goal is to...
Tree‐decomposition based heuristics for the two‐dimensional bin packing problem with conflicts
This paper deals with the two‐dimensional bin packing problem with conflicts...
New Stabilization Procedures for the Cutting Stock Problem
In this paper, we deal with a column generation‐based algorithm for the...
Solving the vehicle routing problem with time windows and multiple routes exactly using a pseudo‐polynomial model
In this paper, we address a variant of the vehicle routing problem called the vehicle...
A survey of dual-feasible and superadditive functions
Dual-feasible functions are valuable tools that can be used to compute both lower...
A new constraint programming approach for the orthogonal packing problem
The two-dimensional orthogonal packing problem (2OPP) consists in determining if a set...
New reduction procedures and lower bounds for the two-dimensional bin packing problem with fixed orientation
The two-dimensional bin-packing problem (2 BP ) consists of minimizing the number of...
A new exact method for the two-dimensional bin-packing problem with fixed orientation
We propose a new exact method for the well-known two-dimensional bin-packing problem....
A new lower bound for the non-oriented two-dimensional bin-packing problem
We propose a new scheme for computing lower bounds for the non-oriented bin-packing...
Heuristic and metaheuristic methods for computing graph treewidth
The notion of treewidth is of considerable interest in relation to NP-hard problems....
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