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Measuring firms’ imitation activity
Although imitation is more abundant and prevalent than innovation in firms’...
Changing a Leopard's Spots: A New Research Direction for Organizational Culture in the Operations Management Field
Operations Management (OM) research on organizational culture has to change to be able...
Are safety and operational effectiveness contradictory requirements: The roles of routines and relational coordination
The relationship between managing a production system to be safe and managing it to be...
Is Safe Production an Oxymoron?
This research examines how organizations simultaneously manage their operations and...
The importance of quality management for the success of environmental management initiatives
This paper investigates the importance of quality management practices for the success...
Balancing priorities: Decision‐making in sustainable supply chain management
The need for environmental protection and increasing demands for natural resources are...
Assessing the impact of alternative manufacturing layouts in a service setting
This paper summarizes the results of a project designed to study and ultimately...
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