Uroevi Dragan

Dragan Uroevi

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A general variable neighborhood search for solving the uncapacitated r-allocation p-hub median problem
The p ‐hub median problem consists of choosing p hub locations from a set of...
Variable neighborhood search for the travelling deliveryman problem
A travelling deliveryman needs to find a tour such that the total waiting time of all...
Variable neighbourhood decomposition search for 0–1 mixed integer programs
In this paper we propose a new hybrid heuristic for solving 0–1 mixed integer...
Primal-dual variable neighborhood search for the simple plant-location problem
The variable neighborhood search metaheuristic is applied to the primal simple...
Variable neighborhood search and local branching
In this paper we develop a variable neighborhood search (VNS) heuristic for solving...
Reformulation descent applied to circle packing problems
Several years ago classical Euclidean geometry problems of densest packing of circles...
Variable neighborhood decomposition search for the edge weighted k-cardinality tree problem
The minimum k -cardinality tree problem on graph G consists in finding a subtree of G...
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