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An Empirical Investigation in Sustaining High-Quality Performance
Many organizations that were once quality leaders have had challenges sustaining...
Repurposing Materials and Waste through Online Exchanges: Overcoming the Last Hurdle
Online material and waste exchanges (OMWEs) provide online channels to repurpose...
Managing R&D Project Shifts in High-Tech Organizations: A Multi-Method Study
High‐tech organizations maintain a portfolio of R&D projects that address...
Performance effects of early and late Six Sigma adoptions
Operations managers confront the challenge of deciding when to implement various...
Customizing Quality Management Practices: A Conceptual and Measurement Framework
Quality management (QM) has often been promoted as a universal remedy, where...
The moderating role of contextual factors on quality management practices
This study investigates how contextual factors influence the relationship between...
Antecedents to ambidexterity competency in high technology organizations
High tech organizations confront dual demands of exploring new products/processes and...
An integrated systems approach to process control and maintenance
Organizational leaders increasingly recognize process management as an essential...
Hazardous waste disposal: a waste-fuel blending approach
The disposal of hazardous wastes creates major economic and environmental problems....
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