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Task Interdependence Impacts on Reciprocity in IT Implementation Teams: Bringing Out the Worst in Us, or Driving Responsibility?
Task interdependence has received a great deal of attention as a critical driver of...
On Academic Rankings, Unacceptable Methods, and the Social Obligations of Business Schools
Inspired by recent discussions of the systematic costs that external rankings impose...
How Excessive Stage Time Reduction in NPD Negatively Impacts Market Value
We empirically investigate how time reductions in particular product development...
Prioritizing and Monitoring Concurrent Project Work: Effects on Switching Behavior
Project switching occurs when a multi‐project worker shifts his/her attention...
System Dynamics Understanding in Projects: Information Sharing, Psychological Safety, and Performance Effects
Systems thinking has proven useful in project management planning activities and has...
Linking Task Conditions to Physiology and Judgment Errors in Revenue Management Systems
In models of optimal decision making, assumptions about managerial behavior are often...
Coopetitive Buyer–Supplier Relationship: An Investigation of Bargaining Power, Relational Context, and Investment Strategies
This study proposes an analytical approach combined with a behavioral experiment for a...
The Performance Effects of Complementarities Between Information Systems, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Processes
Manufacturing firms are increasingly using advanced enterprise–level information...
Resource enablement modeling: Implications for studying the diffusion of technology
Organizations contemplating standardized technology adoption are confronted both by...
Integrated inventory pooling for firms servicing both on-line and store demand
The use of local store inventory for both in-store and on-line fulfillment can be...
A process-based model for priority convergence in multi-period group decision-making
Over the past three decades substantial research has been dedicated to the task of...
Enterprise resource planning: Developments and directions for operations management research
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has come to mean many things over the last several...
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