Yang Shanlin

Shanlin Yang

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A novel two-stage model for cloud service trustworthiness evaluation
In this paper, we address the cloud service trustworthiness evaluation problem, which...
A polynomial algorithm for a lot‐sizing problem with backlogging, outsourcing and limited inventory
This paper addresses a real‐life production planning problem arising in a...
Integrated efficiency and trade‐off analyses using a DEA‐oriented interactive minimax reference point approach
A DEA ‐oriented Interactive Minimax Reference Point ( DEA‐IMRP )...
A two-item newsboy inventory problem with substitutability
It is very common in practical life that two kinds of products substitute for each...
A multi-agent decision support system based on fuzzy theory
A DSS with the integration of multi-agents and fuzzy theory is discussed and different...
The Hadamard convex combination of judgement matrix
In this paper, the authors propose a practical definition of the Hadamard convex...
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