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An M/E
            /1 queues with emergency non-preemptive priority of a diagnostic resource
Each patient is assigned to a specific scanner in CT department of a large‐size...
Tests for Coefficients in High-dimensional Additive Hazard Models
We consider hypothesis testing problems for low‐dimensional coefficients in a...
Inventory games with permissible delay in payments
Meca et al. (2004) studied a class of inventory games which arise when a group of...
Decoupling urban transport from GHG emissions in Indian cities–A critical review and perspectives
Investigating the relevant policies that facilitate mitigating GHG emissions in urban...
Energy and climate policy in China's twelfth five‐year plan: A paradigm shift
The twelfth five‐year plan (FYP) endorsed by the People's National Congress in...
A revised electromagnetism‐like mechanism for layout design of reconfigurable manufacturing system
The layout design problem is one of the most important issues for manufacturing system...
A novel portfolio selection model in a hybrid uncertain environment
The future returns of each securities cannot be correctly reflected by the securities...
Foundations of intelligent knowledge management
Knowledge or hidden patterns discovered by data mining from large databases has great...
Small firm networking: contents and nature of knowledge sharing and learning
This paper is concerned with how sociotechnical networks facilitate knowledge sharing...
A class of multiobjective linear programming model with fuzzy random coefficients
The aim of this paper is to deal with a multiobjective linear programming problem with...
Time–cost trade-off in a transportation problem with multi-constraint levels
In this paper we consider a problem where transportation from any supply point to any...
A heuristic genetic algorithm for the travelling salesman problem with time restraints
As an extension of the travelling salesman problem, the travelling salesman problem...
Optimal scheduling in combinatorial transportation
In this paper, the vehicle-scheduling problem with non-full load and the case of...
An integer linear programming problem with multi-criteria and multi-constraint levels: A branch-and-partition algorithm
In this paper, we propose a branch-and-partition algorithm to solve the integer linear...
Efficiency conditions for multi-objective decision-making with true and false functions
In this paper, a kind of multi-objective decision-making with true and false functions...
Genetic algorithm for vehicle scheduling problem of non-full loads with time windows
Because the vehicle scheduling problem of non-full loads with time windows is a...
A reactive dynamic user equilibrium model in network with queues
A discrete time reactive dynamic user equilibrium (DUE) model for network with queues...
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