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Suppliers' corporate ability and consumer evaluations of a manufacturer
This study explores consumer perceptions of supply chain partners. In particular, we...
Effects of experience and contract on relational norms and performance in SCM
We examine how experience and contract affect firm performance and relational norms in...
Effects of managers' communication and satisfaction on their perceived importance of value chain sustainability
We define value chain sustainability as the firm's sustainability, perceived by the...
Effective supply chain strategy to enhance firm's responsiveness: empirical evidence from the BMW Leipzig plant
We investigate how the firm's supply chain strategy can enable the firm to achieve...
Consumers' preferences for facets of green supply chain management
This study explores the relationships between facets of a firm's green supply chain...
Measuring a value of contract flexibility in the third-party warehousing
This paper considers the value of warehousing contract under probabilistic demands. We...
Firms' collaboration on building a business infrastructure as public goods – dynamics of common versus firm-specific benefits
In this paper, we investigate under what circumstances firms effectively participate...
Dynamics of industry-wide versus firm-specific benefits when firms collaborate on building an industry infrastructure
Firms often collaborate on building an infrastructure, which benefits all the firms in...
Dynamic outsourcing to contract manufacturers with different capabilities of reducing the supply cost
Contract manufacturing is a supply chain arrangement. In this paper, we investigate a...
Quantifying the impact of inventory holding cost and reactive capacity on an apparel manufacturer's profitability
This paper was motivated by the operational problems faced by Northco, a school...
Dynamic effects of learning capabilities and profit structures on the innovation competition
Firms' long-term competitiveness depends on their capability of attaining product...
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