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Arnaud Frville

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Tabu search: global intensification using dynamic programming
Tabu search has proven highly successful in solving hard combinatorial optimization...
The multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem – bounds and computational aspects
The multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem (MKP) is a resource allocation model...
Extension of reverse elimination method through a dynamic management of the tabu list
The Reverse Elimination Method (REM) is a dynamic strategy for managing the tabu list....
The multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem: An overview
The multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem is one of the most well-known...
The 0–1 bidimensional knapsack problem: Toward an efficient high-level primitive tool
Efficient codes exist for exactly solving the 0–1 knapsack problem, which is a...
An exact search for the solution of the surrogate dual of te 0-1 bidimensional knapsack problem
The surrogate dual of the 0-1 bidimensional knapsack problem is exactly solved by an...
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