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Measuring firms’ imitation activity
Although imitation is more abundant and prevalent than innovation in firms’...
Generating Supplier Benefits through Buyer-Enabled Knowledge Enrichment: A Social Capital Perspective
In accordance with the tenets of social capital theory, the knowledge‐based...
Performance effects of early and late Six Sigma adoptions
Operations managers confront the challenge of deciding when to implement various...
Leveraging Supply Chain Integration through Planning Comprehensiveness: An Organizational Information Processing Theory Perspective
This study extends prior research on supply chain planning and integration by...
The Roles of Supply Chain Intelligence and Adaptability in New Product Launch Success
Many new product introductions continue to be unsuccessful, and while researchers have...
Prioritizing and Monitoring Concurrent Project Work: Effects on Switching Behavior
Project switching occurs when a multi‐project worker shifts his/her attention...
Consumers' preferences for facets of green supply chain management
This study explores the relationships between facets of a firm's green supply chain...
Product portfolio architectural complexity and operational performance: Incorporating the roles of learning and fixed assets
Managers struggle to cope with complexity in their product portfolios. However,...
Revisiting the arcs of integration: Cross‐validations and
This paper revisits Frohlich and Westbrook's (2001) arcs of integration concept [Arcs...
Six Sigma adoption: Operating performance impacts and contextual drivers of success
We assess the operational impacts of Six Sigma program adoptions through an event...
Complexity factors and intuition-based methods for facility network design
Logistics managers frequently utilize decision support systems (DSS) to make facility...
Faster, better, cheaper: A study of new product development project efficiency and performance tradeoffs
In this paper, we develop a theory of efficiency and performance tradeoffs for new...
Reason based solutions and the complexity of distribution network design problems
Distribution network strategy, which defines the number, location, and market area of...
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