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Analytical fuel-optimal impulsive reconfiguration of formation-flying satellites
This paper investigates fuel‐optimal impulsive reconfiguration of...
Analysis of the inertially symmetric rigid spacecraft time-optimal three-axis reorientation
This paper investigates the classical time‐optimal rest‐to‐rest...
The Effect of Secondary Markets on Equity-Linked Life Insurance With Surrender Guarantees
Many equity‐linked life insurance products offer the possibility to surrender...
Time-optimal reorientation of the rigid spacecraft using a pseudospectral method integrated homotopic approach
This paper proposes a robust algorithm for time‐optimal rigid spacecraft...
Importance Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems
This paper aims to investigate the importance levels of the components in two...
Optimal process adjustment by integrating production data and design of experiments
This paper proposes a method to improve the process model estimation based on limited...
Bootstrap prediction intervals for SETAR models
This paper considers four methods for obtaining bootstrap prediction intervals (BPIs)...
A survey on statistical methods for health care fraud detection
Fraud and abuse have led to significant additional expense in the health care system...
Immune algorithm for vehicle routing problem
This paper proposes a novel affinity based on group match to apply immune algorithm to...
The extended and rational conditions of group preference-deviation mapping
In this paper, six cardinal number rational conditions are presented, corresponding to...
Stochastic Borda-number method for group decision making with stochastic preference
This paper introduces the concepts of stochastic Borda-number for an alternative and...
An “immune” algorithm for the vehicle scheduling problem
This paper proposes a novel affinity based on group matching to apply an...
Introducing variable-interval appointment scheduling rules in service systems
The general practice in implementing an appointment scheduling rule (ASR) is to...
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