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Coordinating a supply chain with negative effect   of retailer’s local promotion on goodwill and reference price
This paper investigates a distribution channel consisting of a manufacturer and a...
Coordinating a supply chain with green innovation in a dynamic setting
This paper addresses the channel coordination problem in a green supply chain...
Benefits of partial myopia in a durable product supply chain considering pricing and advertising
Consider a bilateral monopoly supply chain where a manufacturer distributes a durable...
Supply chain pricing and coordination with markdown strategy in the presence of conspicuous consumers
This paper studies the problem of supply chain pricing and coordination with markdown...
Strategic transfer pricing in a marketing‐operations interface with quality level and advertising dependent goodwill
Determining an appropriate transfer price is of importance to a firm composed of...
Coordinating a supply chain for deteriorating items with a revenue sharing and cooperative investment contract
In this study, a one-manufacturer-one-retailer supply chain model for deteriorating...
A joint dynamic pricing and advertising model of perishable products
Advertising and dynamic pricing play key roles in maximizing profit of a firm. In this...
Optimal Contract Design of Supplier-Led Outsourcing Based on Pontryagin Maximum Principle
This paper provides a supplier‐led outsourcing model to maximize the...
A principal-agent model in a supplier-led supply chain under asymmetric information
A supply chain relationship with a supplier who is stronger than a manufacturer is...
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